ONGC Public School, Neravy, Karaikal is a Senior Secondary Co- Educational English Medium School affiliated to the CBSE. It was set up in 2000 to function under the aegis of ONGC Educational Society to cater to the educational needs of the wards of ONGC, Cauvery Asset, Karaikal. It has spread its wings to fulfill the Ideal Educational requirements of the people in and around karaikal also. It has been established with an aim to provide an opportunity for academic excellence and physical growth of the student with wholesome personality, character, interpersonal rapport building & training to face the challenge of life.

It is a symbol of unity in diversity providing equal opportunity for learners hailing from all sections of society irrespective of caste and creed, fastening analytical / scientific attitude and an open minded, democratic outlook towards the society creating socially amiable, environmentally conscious, and ethically moral, corruption free and patriotic citizens.


Got affiliation from CBSE up to Secondary level during 2002-03.
Affiliation upgraded up to Sr.Secondary level during 2007-08.

Germinated from seed strength of 367 students, 21 teachers and 8 Supporting staff, the school bloomed to a strength of 1700 students, 65 teachers and 20 supporting staff.


‘The end of education, all training, should be man-making. The end and the aim of all training is to make the man grow.The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful,is called education.’ Vivekananda

Vivekananda Educational Society is founded in 1972 by a group of eminent, public spirited and service minded men who were closely associated with Vivekananada Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari. Presently VES owns and manages 20 plus schools in and around Chennai and managed by eminent educationists and social workers for whom service is above self. VES serves more than 36,000 households mainly belonging to middle or lower middle classes. VES also provides value-based, national and spiritual, education at affordable cost. Conducts several co-scholastic, extra-curricular activities and programmes right through the year with the aim of developing total personality of each student besides.

On 3rd May 2014, ONGC Public School, Neravy, Karaikal was taken up by an educationist management VES, Vivekananda Educational Society which is marching ahead with stupendous achievements and accomplishments in terms of academics, sports and other co-curricular activities in the country. Secretary Shri. Chakaravarthy, Joint Secretaries Shri. Ravindran and Shri. Venkatesan paid a visit to the school and interacted with the teachers and learnt about the status quo of the school.

Shri. Chakravarthy said he was happy take up the school and pledged that he would develop it to dazzling and dizzying heights, dialed in 21st Century Vision Schools. Vivekananda Educational Society, he stated, is committed to imparting quality education to middle class people in the society while Shri. Venkatesan and Shri. Ravindran insisted the teachers on cooperating with the management for the development of the school. They congratulated the principal on his earnest efforts round the clock to develop the school and maintain the reputation of the school in the state.

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