Chemistry Lab

At school, the chemistry laboratory is a place of exploration, discovery and learning. The laboratory has been given central and distinctive role in science education. Chemistry lab is a required component of most chemistry courses. Learning about lab procedures and performing experiments helps to learn techniques and reinforces textbook.

In our school the chemistry lab is located in a still ambience, with conducive atmosphere for learning and performing experiments. The lab is very big, more spacious, highly ventilated and technically equipped. Chemicals are available for carrying out experiments for all the classes, especially Senior Secondary Classes.

We also have equipment like Owen, electronic balance, chemical balance, distilled water plant, electrical furnace, etc. Exhaust fans are fitted at proper places for reducing heat and pollution inside the lab. Separate racks, modernized wash basins and seats are provided for each student to perform their experiments. Fire extinguishers are fitted at the entrance of the chemistry lab. Periodic classification maps and topic-wise maps are available.

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